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Welcome to Radville

Whether you are a former resident “coming home” to our webpage to see what’s new, or discovering Radville for the first time…. we extend a warm prairie welcome to you!



  • A residential subdivision is developed around the new Health Centre Facility with full serviced lots.  There are 22 lots available for sale.  For more information call the Town Office.
  • A commercial/industrial subdivision is developed with full serviced lots.  There are 2 lots remaining for sale.  For more information call the Town Office.
  • The Town Office has received many complaints regarding dogs running at large and excessive barking.  The Town asks pet owners to adhere to the Town Bylaw or fines will be issued.
  • If you haven’t already purchased a copy of The Yesteryears II history book they can be purchased at the Town Office for $65.00.

The Town of Radville would like to congratulate all our hockey teams and players on an amazing year!!!!!




Tourism Radville is accepting applications for a seasonal full-time Tourism Co-ordinator position.  As Tourism Co-ordinator you will be an innovative and highly motivated individual who can plan, develop, promote and administer programs and services for Tourism Radville, as well as assist and participate in other community events.  Applicant must be attending school in the fall of 2014.  Flexible start date as Tourism Radville is willing to work with student to accommodate school schedule.

Application deadline April 25, 2014.

Send resumes to:     Tourism Radville

                                         P.O. Box 253

                                         Radville, Saskatchewan

                                         S0C 2G0



Employment Opportunity in the Town of Radville

Radville-Laurier Regional Park invites applications for the positions of Lifeguards and Instructors at the new swimming pool facility.

Positions are seasonal for the summer months.

Positions require a variety of hours including evenings and weekends to meet the needs of the facility.

Applications must be submitted to:

Radville-Laurier Regional Park

P.O. Box 796

Radville, Saskatchewan

S0C 2G0

Please submit resumes and applications by April 30, 2014.

For a complete job description or additional information contact (306)869-2231 or (306)869-2477.



  • A building permit is required for the construction, erection, placement, renovation, or reconstruction, demolition or removal of a building, and the permit must be obtained BEFORE you start the project.
  • WHAT requires a permit? New building construction – garages and carports – mobile and modular homes – renovations, alterations and additions to existing buildings – demolition/relocation of existing buildings – basement development – fireplaces and wood stoves – swimming pools – decks – fences.
  • PERMITS are not required for:  Driveways – sidewalks – replacement using the same materials not affecting structural, electrical or mechanical systems (roofing, siding, windows) – accessory buildings (garden/tool sheds) not more than 100 square feet.
  • Starting a project before obtaining a permit can result in increased fees, as well as time and expense to change plans.
  • A new Sump Pump Bylaw is now in affect for any new dwelling development.
  • Full details of the Building Bylaw and permit forms are available at the Town Office.
  • Grass clippings, leaves and garden waste should be hauled to the compost site located at the fair Grounds.  Trees, branches, etc., must be hauled to the landfill for disposal.
  • Recycling of paper and cardboard is still available  in the green bins located on Railway Avenue, a block north of the train station.
  • Paper, magazines, newspaper, cardboard, box board, etc. go into the same containers.
  • A top load bin is available for shredded paper only.
  • Plastic recycling is also available, plastic numbers 1 through 7 will be accepted.
  • All plastic, cardboard and paper MUST be placed in the proper designated container.
  • The recycling area is not a drop off location for garbage.  Please help keep our community clean.
  • Every person who owns possesses, or harbors a dog/cat within Town limits shall register their pets with the Town Office.  Licenses are due effective January 1st each year, the fee is $10 for each dog/cat.  Pets shall wear a collar and the tag is to be attached to the collar.
  • No dog/cat shall run at large in Town.  Running at large is when the animal is beyond the boundaries of the land occupied by its owner, or not in direct control of a person competent to control the dog/cat, not on a leash, securely confined within an enclosure, or securely fastened so that dog/cat cannot roam at will.
  • No person shall have a dog/cat which or in any manner or way creates a disturbance to the annoyance or discomfort of persons residing in the neighborhood or public at large.
  • No person shall at any time have in his/her possession, or keep within the Town, more than two dogs or two cats over the age of 3 months, per dwelling unit.
  • PIT BULLS of any breed or mixture are PROHIBITED.
  • Vehicles, campers, recreation equipment and trailers have a street parking limit of 48 hours, and parking is not allowed in lanes or alleys.
  • At no time shall the speed exceed 40 km per hour within the Town of Radville.
  • No person driving a vehicle shall turn the vehicle as to proceed in the opposite direction anywhere except at the intersection of a street or avenue.
  • All residents MUST refrain from disposing oil or greasy products through the sewer lines as the cost to have this cleaned out is over $1500.00.
  • The Town of Radville operates a volunteer fire department which is jointly funded by the Town and R.M. of Laurier #38.  If you would like to become a member of the fire department please contact the Fire Chief, Byron Labbie @ 869-2449 or the Town Office.
  • In order to avoid any unnecessary fire calls, all landowners are to please call 310-5000, prior to any controlled burning.  If our fire department has no record of a controlled burn, our fire department could be automatically dispatched and the landowner would be charge for the call.